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We understand the importance of a targeted preparation for entry to British school. Basing on the entrance requirements and past examination papers of particular schools we launched a special course of English for academic purposes and a course that prepares students for the entry exams to British schools. Furthermore, we offer English as a Foreign Language for those children who aim to enter the international schools in Moscow. Tutoring is carried out on a one-to-one basis.

The advantage of our approach is that our tutors regularly report to both the Consultant, the person responsible for helping the child with placement into their chosen schools, and the Director of Studies, who will have made the child’s initial academic assessment. Together the tutors, the Consultant and the Director of Studies monitor the child’s progress and adjust the study programme accordingly. Our approach guarantees the fastest progress and optimum results. The majority of our students get an offer from their first choice school.

Our native English tutors all come from a British boarding school background and many of them are recent leavers meaning they are well attuned to the demands and expectations placed on the students when applying to and attending these schools.

During lessons with our tutors students do not just learn about the subject at hand, they also get a first-hand insight into the standards and culture that a British boarding school instils in its pupils. The example our tutors set is as big a part of the education they provide as the content of the lessons – especially for students preparing for entrance interviews in the UK. Indeed, some of our clients opt to have live-in tutors to offer intensive preparation for entry into the British system and to maximise the exposure that their child has to our inspiring tutors.

Our tutors are also all alumni of top British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and readily give advice on further education in the UK. On issues which seem daunting to overseas applicants such as university and subject choice, our tutors can offer input that no amount of research will afford. 


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Inessa, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help, patience, sympathy, support and inspiration… you helped our daughter with her future career path, conquer her fears and empowered her to make the leap. She is very happy now and is studying seriously. We believe she will find herself. Yesterday, Tanya arrived in Edinburgh and today she is going to attend her first lectures at the university!
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