Independent recommendations
British born team
Insightful knowledge of English and Russian (educational) system
Professional assessment
Entry strategy development
Help and support from initial meeting through to arriving at the school

Our services in the UK

  • An assessment of your child’s character and academic ability, including their current level of English, Maths and other subjects;
  • Psychometric testing verifying the child’s personality and aptitudes, which will indicate possible future career paths;
  • Adaptation programmes to help the child to settle into the British boarding system;
  • Study skills development programmes for the child to succeed academically in the British boarding system;
  • Arranging of school visits. Our Academic Adviser (together with an interpreter) will help you ask school staff the right questions to ensure you make the most out of your visits;
  • Discussing on the final selection of schools;
  • Completing the school’s administrative procedures, such as filling in the application form;
  • Providing support to the child throughout the school entrance examination period;
  • Organising a guardian once the child has started at the school;
  • Arranging our representative to meet the child at the airport.

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Our consultants

Hello Olga, Egor is fine, thanks to you. He is happy with everything and has made many British friends. He is on holiday in Moscow at the moment and he speaks with an English accent. He even speaks English in his dreams. Your ability to bridge two different cultures was invaluable. It would have been impossible to organize everything without your help and support. Thank you very much again for our school! It is just superb!
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