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Guardianship in the UK

It is a statutory requirement for international pupils to have a guardian in the UK. Lucullus Educational Consultants offers a guardianship service to overseas families who wish their children to attend a British school. Guardians also provide a home for your child during short and mid-term school holidays. Lucullus’ Guardianship Service goes far beyond the minimum requirements. Our guardians take an active interest in your child's progress, and provide a constant and personal level of support throughout their education in Britain. Taking the child home for holiday periods, our guardians will give them all the necessary attention in coaching them and organizing their leisure activities. During the school year our guardians will attend parents’ meetings and monitor the progress of your child, whilst they communicate with parents and help with subject choices.

Our guardians are always monitoring your child’s progress and their acclimatization into the new school. They are always in contact with the school. Our guardians take their responsibility very seriously and ostensibly become second parents to your child while they are in the UK.

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We have been working with Lucullus Educational Consultants for more than one year. They helped us choose which schools to apply for. They then took care of all the necessary steps, which included contacting the schools and arranging tests, interviews, visas, payment, etc. To be honest, we would never have succeeded without them. Our aim was not just to get into any school, but to get an offer from one of the highly-ranked schools. As experienced advisors, they were very competent and easily coped with the huge amount of information which was required for our daughter to apply successfully to one of Britain’s most prestigious schools. Lucullus Educational Consultants always made us feel confident as they always had the process under control. After we decided on the schools that suited our daughter, they organized a visit for us to visit them. When we got the offer from the school that we wanted, we were all thrilled.
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