Every child has something special inside. British schools establish what it is and actively encourage the development of skills and talents of every individual.

League tables

And finally…please do NOT be too influenced by league tables of exam results; every newspaper and education authority works them out differently. Many good schools do not submit all their examination results, for example if they choose the more difficult International GCSEs, taken by many top schools but not included in league tables. 

League tables are only a very broad indicator and therefore they do not show how well a school has done with each individual pupil or in what subject. For example, a school that helps an average or below average candidate achieve a B grade (and many do!) has achieved more than the top school which gets all A grades, because it has only admitted the very top students. 

A broad, informed education with good pastoral care and all-rounded development is incredibly important and cannot be measured!

Secondary education in the UK

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