Every child has something special inside. British schools establish what it is and actively encourage the development of skills and talents of every individual.

Extracurricular activities


Independent schools offer an exciting range of sports as part of the curriculum; participation in these is compulsory for younger students and for many older ones too. This is because of the belief that a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind and that fit, active students study better. Traditionally, sports are soccer, rugby and cricket for boys, lacrosse and netball for girls, with swimming, tennis, hockey and athletics for both. Many schools, however, have facilities for a wide range of other sports such as basketball, badminton, judo and squash, and may offer dance and yoga as part of the sports programme. Some schools also offer horse riding, sailing, rowing and golf.

Competitive matches against other schools are played during the week and on Saturdays.

Art, Drama & Music

Arts subjects are all taught as part of the main curriculum to younger children and are likely to be examined as well. Students may also participate in these activities outside lessons. Art can include ceramics, textiles and photography. Drama departments provide an opportunity for all children to be involved in small or large school productions on stage or assisting with the technical side of the performance.

Music is extremely important in all schools.  Every pupil will have the opportunity to have private lessons on one or more instruments, including singing. As a child’s ability improves they will be able to join a range of choirs, ensembles and orchestras.

Extra-curricular Options

There will be a wide choice of other options, too; your child might select from a list of diverse activities, such as debating, public speaking, chess, cookery, computer programming and Scottish dancing.

Your son or daughter might also carry out charity and social work or take part in Young Enterprise, which encourages students to set up a model business. 


Schools offer organised trips: some are educational, such as a geography field trip, outings to museums and theatres, a visit to the battlefields of France or an art tour in Italy. Others, at weekends, are for fun: a musical in London, a shopping trip, or ice skating, to name but a few. 

The opportunities are numerous and any child at boarding school will receive an all-rounded education. Most trips incur some extra cost but for all longer trips, especially those happening in holiday times, you will have the option for your child not to attend.

Secondary education in the UK

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