Every child has something special inside. British schools establish what it is and actively encourage the development of skills and talents of every individual.

Rules & Discipline

British Boarding Schools are very structured and very busy places, consequently they sensibly limit the amount of free time a student has in school or the amount of time spent out of school.  Students and parents are expected to observe rules about school attendance, especially regarding limited parental visiting times and respecting term dates. Each school will have rules about when a boarding student may go out at weekends and where he or she may go and with whom. The school has a legal duty of care to look after your child while in the UK and relies on you, the parent, to support the rules and guidelines.

Rules will be published and if any are broken then there pupils will be punished. For example, a pupil caught smoking (which is strictly forbidden) will have a series of warnings, which, if ignored, may be followed by suspension and even expulsion.

Uniform. With very few exceptions, students wear a uniform whilst studying and a separate one for sports activities. Most schools have their own uniform shop or a designated supplier nearby or in London.

Religion. Most, but not all, independent schools have a Christian foundation and will have a school chapel. Most of these, however, also welcome students of any faith or no faith. One or more church services might be held a week and usually all students attend, although schools will take into consideration special circumstances.

Secondary education in the UK

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