Every child has something special inside. British schools establish what it is and actively encourage the development of skills and talents of every individual.

Secondary education in the UK

British Independent Schools are renowned the world over for outstanding academic tuition, combined with a broad and stimulating programme of general education and extra-curricular activities. In addition they provide high levels of pastoral care and supervision, alongside real structure, guidance and discipline. In these conditions, young people can flourish and fulfil their potential.

Boarding schools are busy places; students study long days, have supervised homework and preparation time, and work 5 or 6 days a week. Saturdays may include lessons, activities or sports. Sundays are used for personal study, but activities or outings may also be arranged by the school.

British Schools vary enormously in their character, facilities and entrance requirements.  What they have in common are high standards and the aim to achieve the very best for their pupils.  There are world-famous names among our schools but please be aware that many British children have been signed up from a young age, so places for overseas students are very limited and competition is fierce. Nonetheless, other schools which are less well-known internationally, still teach to world-class standards; accepting a broad range of students and offering both an exceptional education and extensive opportunities. 


Studying in the UK

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