British schools and universities stretch students to reach their maximum potential, academically, culturally and at sports
British Qualifications are acknowledged around the globe and offer career advantages
A British degree is the first step for the future success of your child
British Schools and Universities are at the top of world league tables
British schools teach students to question, to think and to work independently
British education prepares students for life after school and university

School Entry-Exam Preparation

British private school entry-exam preparation

In the crucial period before their entry exams we believe children need an opportunity for focused preparation. We recommend that all our candidates spend a week of intensive preparation in a British family where we organise special tuition programmes which include English, Maths and Sciences lessons as well as other subjects in which the child will need to sit entry papers.

Another important aspect is the classes which work on improving interview skills as this is a chance for a child to show off their best qualities. A number of our students have been able to charm the School Registrar and receive unconditional places at their first choice schools due to the specialist interview classes with our tutors.

We have a great deal of experience of preparing children for entry exams and we utilise the most efficient and up to date methods to create a well-balanced programme of lessons and activities that will help the child to absorb the target material in the shortest time. The students stay with our host families in welcoming and comfortable surroundings in beautiful countryside in the South of England within easy reach of Heathrow and Gatwick. The host families’ own children often study in public schools which gives the Russian students a chance to meet their English peers and observe their interests, their lifestyle and their daily routine.

To relax after periods of intensive tuition our students receive specialist sports coaching. Each student is provided with a bespoke programme which combines a selection of sports chosen by the student with an introduction to sports traditionally taught in the UK such as cricket, tennis, rounders and rugby. Participating in team sports is a hugely important part of the English public school lifestyle.

Studying in the UK

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My 13 years old son has been offered a place at an excellent school this year, one of the best schools in England. I would like to thank Olga Musharaeva. She offered us a number of schools and he got a place at the best one from the list. At first we had to decide if it would be better for him to study in England. This was the most difficult part of the process, but Olga superbly guided us through this very important decision. Thank you Olga!
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