British schools and universities stretch students to reach their maximum potential, academically, culturally and at sports
British Qualifications are acknowledged around the globe and offer career advantages
A British degree is the first step for the future success of your child
British Schools and Universities are at the top of world league tables
British schools teach students to question, to think and to work independently
British education prepares students for life after school and university

The Russel Group universities

Aside from Oxbridge, Britain has many other internationally renowned universities. Along with Oxford and Cambridge, these other universities form what is called the Russell Group. Notable names on this list include: University of Warwick, University of Durham, The London School of Economics, Imperial College and University College London.

Many of these universities are based in London. For some, the option to study in one of the world's most exciting and cosmopolitan cities with its food, nightlife and career opportunities is a great draw whilst for the others the universities outside London where they tend to offer a more campus-based social and cultural experience is the right choice.

Admission to Russell Group Universities is highly competitive. Indeed, some courses at institutions renowned for a particular field of study are as competitive as Oxbridge. At some universities applicants are required to sit additional entrance exams and to attend interviews.

The deadline for applications to Russell Group universities excluding Oxbridge is mid- January of the year in which you are applying to become enrolled.

How we can help

Lucullus consultants are able to provide advice and coaching to applicants seeking help with:

  • course choice;
  • college choice;
  • personal statement writing;
  • submission of written work;
  • preparation for entrance examinations;
  • preparation for the interview process.

Higher education in the UK

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