British schools and universities stretch students to reach their maximum potential, academically, culturally and at sports
British Qualifications are acknowledged around the globe and offer career advantages
A British degree is the first step for the future success of your child
British Schools and Universities are at the top of world league tables
British schools teach students to question, to think and to work independently
British education prepares students for life after school and university

Studying in universities of Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge)

The History

Oxford, Britain's oldest university, stretches so far back into British history that historians have found it difficult to ascertain the precise date that the university was founded. What we do know is that the university was originally formed by mostly-English scholars who were forced to leave France in 1167 after foreigners were expelled from the University of Paris. Oxford was a place in which the inquisitive could explore their intellectual interests in a tranquil setting. Cambridge was established later in 1209 and grew out of an association of disgruntled Oxford students. The rivalry between the two universities, in both sports and academia, has remained a theme throughout their histories.

Why Oxbridge is unique

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge are unique in their use of a collegiate system meaningthat the universities are comprised of an array of colleges each with their own rules, regulations and traditions. This is different from other universities which comprise a single academic entity that bestows a common set of rules upon its students.

Oxbridge is also unique because of its teaching method, known as the tutorial system. Whereas most universities tend to teach students in larger classes or lectures, Oxbridge offers students the privilege of regular tutorials with prestigious academics that seldom include more than two other students. This offers an incredibly close academic relationship between student and tutor which is the envy of other universities worldwide.

Entry to Oxbridge

Getting into Oxbridge is highly competitive, with only around 20% of applicants being offered a place. The majority of these applicants will have very strong GCSE grades and will be on track to achieving three A grades at A-Level or the equivalent. Britain's leading independent schools have had remarkable success in getting their students into Oxbridge. Indeed, between 2007 and 2009 a collection of 5 schools in Britain, which included Eton and Westminster, sent more pupils to Oxbridge than 2,000 other UK schools combined.

Rates of applicant success vary between courses and colleges so it is very important to choose the right course at the right college and to ensure that your application is strong at every stage of the process.

In addition to the standard UCAS form and personal statement, all applicants to Oxbridge are required to pass an interview. Some will also have to submit written work and/or sit an extra entrance examination for their chosen course.

The deadline for applications to Oxbridge is in mid-October for admission the following year. This is earlier than the deadline to apply for other universities and requires the student to have also considered their alternatives as all applications are submitted simultaneously.

How we can help

Lucullus consultants are able to provide advice and coaching to applicants seeking help with:

  • course choice;
  • college choice;
  • personal statement writing;
  • submission of written work;
  • preparation for entrance examinations;
  • preparation for the rigorous Oxbridge interview process.

Higher education in the UK

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