British schools and universities stretch students to reach their maximum potential, academically, culturally and at sports
British Qualifications are acknowledged around the globe and offer career advantages
A British degree is the first step for the future success of your child
British Schools and Universities are at the top of world league tables
British schools teach students to question, to think and to work independently
British education prepares students for life after school and university

Higher education in the UK

The United Kingdom is renowned worldwide for its prestigious universities offering high calibre tuition at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. It is home to the historic universities of Oxford and Cambridge (“Oxbridge”), and to a number of other global leaders in the field of higher education.

There is a great variety of courses on offer across Britain’s universities. Whether a student wishes to study the history of Ancient Rome, the literature of Dickens or is looking to break new barriers in scientific research, there will be a university in the UK where their desire can become reality.

UK universities are bustling with international students for whom English is not their first language. During the application process, universities view a candidate's English language ability within the context of their educational background. It is advisable to improve your English language abilities as much as possible if you are considering an application to a UK university as it will be the international applicants with the most advanced English abilities that stand the best chance of successfully securing a place.

Lucullus will help you with:

  • choosing the right course at the right university;
  • meeting the challenging entrance requirements for UK universities;
  • preparation for IELTS, GMAT, GRE and other supplementary exams;
  • improving English language abilities with a view to applying and studying at a UK university;
  • preparing personal statements;
  • preparation for the rigorous Oxbridge interview process.

Studying in the UK

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British independent schools are renowned for their well-defined structure and organization, the mutual respect, regardless of age and rank, and the development of children who take pride in their school. They provide an amazing array of extra-curricular activities which form the basis of a child’s character. I cannot say that studies in British school solve all problems. I am, however, convinced that at present British schools offer a healthier atmosphere that will allow a child to fulfil their potential, nurture self-confidence, encourage respect for their work and for the people around them. Life in a British school teaches the students to be independent, set goals and achieve them.
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