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Case Studies

This section contains our cases — stories of real work with our clients. All names have been altered.

The new cases are added from time to time. We hope that this information will be useful for you to understand our services better, using live examples.

Customer review: Natalya, preparing a child for a British school It can be quite difficult to understand the UK school ranking system, arrange the application process and prepare a student for school entry, even if your child has been studying at International school from the very beginning. We chose Lucullus Educational Consultants.... (more)

Case: Georgy, 15 years old, Proof that hard work and persistence are essential (entering Harrow school in the UK) They were not well-informed about the UK education system but definitely knew that, after having graduated from a top British boarding school, a child would have an opportunity to study at Oxford or Cambridge. Georgy was 15 years old and had only three years before entering university. The family position was to apply only to the top UK schools like Westminster, St Pauls, Eton and Harrow and they didn’t want to hear any other options for their son.... (more)

Case: Nikita, 13, selecting school in Britain, entering the second grade of high school in Britain, studying in British high school Both of Nikitta’s parents got MBAs at the Chicago Business School. When Nikitta was 13 years old the family decided to return to Moscow. Until then, Nikitta had attended a very good high school in the USA. However Nikitta did not enjoy his school in Moscow. All the teenagers were only interested in how wealthy your parents were, the level of education was low and the lessons were boring. After 6 months of torment, the family came to us in order to find a school in England.... (more)

Case: Family with 3 children, selecting school in London, finding schools in England One day an Anglo-American family came to us with three children. Unfortunately the parents had decided to divorce and the mother wanted to move with the three children to London. A school had to be found quickly, as the eldest son was already 11 and admissions into London schools can be very competitive. If the child has already been educated in a preparatory school until the age of 11, it is much easier to enter a senior school.... (more)

Case: Sasha, 14, entering british school - Taunton (IGCSE), studying in british college Wycliffe (A-Level) Sasha studied at the Moscow Experimental School, where the students are not graded in order to prevent damage to their psyches. At 14 years old, Sasha’s psyche was very solid, but only after traumatising factors! Due to this it was necessary to do something urgently - because real life is full of real challenges.... (more)

Case: Kostya, selecting preparatory school Wellesley in England, entering Harrow School in England When Kostya was living in Moscow, his father tried unsuccessfully for years to get him interested in chess. Kostya obediently attended chess classes twice a week, however his enthusiasm for the game never grew. When Kostya entered an English preparatory school ... (more)

Case: Julia, 12 - selecting a school in England, entering british private school (Gresham Prep) ... (more)

Case: Igor, 12 - dyslexia, studying in England, choosing British school after dismissal, second chance Igor is 12 Years old and Dyslexic. Unfortunately there is little known about dyslexia in Russia, even though the number of dyslexic children is growing in every city. Schools do not to work with dyslexic children separately, which is why Igor’s mother decided to send Igor to study in Britain.... (more)

Case: Anna, 13, selecting and entering a British school Anna’s family asked us to get Anna into Bromsgrove School where many of her friends were studying and where there was a reputation for strong academic results. Anna was 13 at that time and they were so confident in their choice that I decided not to interfere by suggesting other schools although our normal policy is to recommend a number of possibilities.... (more)

Case: Mikhail, 23, education in England, entering British university When Mikhail’s father came to us with the request to help his 23 year old son to choose a University in Great Britain, he immediately wanted us to communicate with Mikhail directly so he could become more independent and make the decisions for himself. One day the father decided that his son should study Finance but this led to Mikhail eventually dropping out of his course at London School of Economics because Finance was not a subject he was keen on. On the second time round Mikhail didn’t feel confident when choosing a course as he blamed himself for his first failed attempt to get a degree.... (more)

Case: Alexey, 12, education in England, entering British private school, Bedford School I taught Aleksey English when he was 12 before he went to Bedford School. Aleksey was an intelligent boy and was especially good with his homework, that is to say that he was especially good at finding ways not to do it.... (more)

Case: Alexey, 13, entering boarding school in England Alexey’s family got in touch with us in 1990s when Alexey was 13 years old. At the time, not many Russian students were studying in English boarding schools and competition to get into a British school was less fierce. Russia then opened its boarders to the West and many people were curious to know more about our country. Alexey was a very funny boy with good manners and any school would have been glad to have had him among their students. Alexey and his parents visited several schools, including Millfield and Stowe. Millfield is the most popular school among Russian politicians and businessmen whilst Stowe tends to be a favourite among traditional English families. However, Alexey ended up choosing a less well-known school called Dover College.... (more)

Case: Oleg, 14 years old, choosing and entering a British school When Oleg’s (14 years old) parents gave me his mark book, I was surprised to see he was only getting 2s and 3s. I wondered why he was he getting such a poor report card? The stepfather of Oleg explained that the teacher had little authority over the Oleg because... (more)

Case: Sergey, personal tutoring before GCSE exams Sergei has been studying in England since he was 11. He began in the prep school Wellesley House and then went to Epsom College. In the first year of his GCSEs, Sergei and his mother came to us for advice, because his marks were falling and his relationship with his parents had reached boiling point. It became apparent that the teenager was trapped in a situation where his parents’ expectations for him were too high, and he did not know how to escape this pressure.... (more)

Case: Nikita, 14 years old, Help and support in making the difficult decision of choosing the right subjects for GCSE Already by the age of 11, Nikita knew exactly what he wanted. When I asked his parents why they had decided to send him to school in England, they replied at once “We had nothing to do with it! He decided by himself and merely told us how to go about it.” Nikita submitted his application to Brighton College, Caterham School and Malvern College. He really enjoyed the school he was eventually admitted to and was excited by his studies. However, after the first year the school sent his parents a letter stating that Nikita had done badly in his final English Literature exams and that they were unsure whether he would be able to pass his English Literature GCSE.... (more)

Case: A family with three children aged 3, 5 and 7 decided to move to England for the sake of their children’s education English children begin education at private school from 3 years old, and it’s usually at this age that they are invited for an entrance test which is called a ‘trial day’. This is when the child spends the day at the school and is observed by the school on how he or she behaves, how he/she interacts with other children and the teachers and how well he/she follows the instructions of the teachers. This is especially widespread in London schools.... (more)

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British independent schools are renowned for their well-defined structure and organization, the mutual respect, regardless of age and rank, and the development of children who take pride in their school. They provide an amazing array of extra-curricular activities which form the basis of a child’s character. I cannot say that studies in British school solve all problems. I am, however, convinced that at present British schools offer a healthier atmosphere that will allow a child to fulfil their potential, nurture self-confidence, encourage respect for their work and for the people around them. Life in a British school teaches the students to be independent, set goals and achieve them.
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