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Open day is a great chance to choose your child’s future school


Schools and colleges are opening their doors to curious parents, wanting a closer look at where their child may be going. This is a big decision affecting both the child’s and parent’s further life. There is nothing wrong with being keen? Where and with whom your child will spend their school years. Even if you have two or three years before the application, do go to school and have a look now.

Then, when the time comes to make your application, you can always revisit to see if either the school or your opinion has changed. Going back and see things with fresh eyes can be very beneficial. During a visit it is important to talk to the teachers. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation or ask questions. It is a perfect chance to find out about the curriculum, the teacher’s experience and get an idea of his or her personality. It might be a teacher who could turn out to be your child’s favourite one. But the staff are only half what makes the school. Talking to the students is a better way to get a feel for a school. Kids are notoriously honest and will be open in answering the questions like: Do they enjoy the school? What’s their favourite part of being at this school? Be positive and don’t make quick decisions. And moreover don’t make your final choice sitting at home and looking through the schools websites.


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Inessa, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help, patience, sympathy, support and inspiration… you helped our daughter with her future career path, conquer her fears and empowered her to make the leap. She is very happy now and is studying seriously. We believe she will find herself. Yesterday, Tanya arrived in Edinburgh and today she is going to attend her first lectures at the university!
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