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Tier 4 UK visas Pilot project


If you are applying to study a Masters course in the UK for 13 months or less (excluding the duration of any pre-sessional course) at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Bath or Imperial College London, you are eligible to participate in the Tier 4 pilot. This includes if you are applying from both outside and inside the UK.

Participating in the pilot allows you to:

  • stay longer after the end of the course - the total length of stay you are allowed is the full length of the course plus six months after the end of the course;
  • submit fewer evidential documents with your application – you will not be required to submit certificates or documents showing your previous qualifications or transcript of results and documents showing you meet the maintenance requirements.


In all cases you must confirm on your application form that you meet the requirements and that you hold documentary evidence in the manner required. We may request these from you even where you qualify for the pilot. The Immigration Rules still apply to you, therefore you must ensure you follow the rest of the guidance carefully. This includes submitting an ATAS certificate and TB screening certificate where appropriate.

If you do choose to submit documentary evidence, despite being eligible for the pilot, we will consider that information as part of the overall assessment.

See also: Tier 4 of the Points Based System - Policy Guidance (2016)


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