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11 important tips before a successful interview in British school


Points to remember for a successful British school entry interview

1. Learn as much as you can about the school course you plan to apply for.

2. Read about the specific details of the school (location, number of students, learning subjects…).

3. Do your own research, look through the school news.

4. All schools are interested in students who can offer them something special. Think over how you could be interesting to them.

5. Be honest and confident when answering questions.

6. Avoid answering questions with just “yes” or “no”.

7. Be polite and talk naturally during the interview.

8. Do not interrupt the interviewer.

9. Ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Do not make any noise, become distracted or chew a gum during the interview.

10. Dress appropriately.

11. Rehearse for the interview beforehand.

We are always glad to tell you more about a school and prepare you for the interview. This preparation will help you with all future communications with the school.


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