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Easter holidays – time for revision


We are now a few weeks away from the end of the academic year and crucial examinations. Students have several weeks to revise the material, prepare for the exams and enjoy the holidays. They will have received advice from teaching staff on time management, exam materials, what to pay attention to and some guidelines about revision in general. Parents should be involved as they have to help and mentor their children.

Usually the parents have many questions:

How long should students revise over the Easter Holiday?

A great deal will depend on the time available. Are you away on holiday for any or all of the time? It is recommended that on average 3 to 4 hours a day revision at GCSE and up to 6 hours a day at AS/A2 Level or IB Diploma.

When should they work?

This will vary from pupil to pupil. Many work best early in the morning, others may work best later in the day. It is advisable to have 30 minutes break after every two or three hours of studying. Within the revision slots it is also recommended a 5 minute break every 40/45 minutes. This is a very basic guide and can, of course, be adjusted for each particular pupil.

How should students plan their revision time?

It is suggested writing out a calendar and timetable and sticking to it as closely as possible. Do try to get them to stick to the times and not to extend the breaks and start late.

Should they study one subject all day?

It is recommended they vary the subjects they study on any one day. Get them to rotate the subjects to avoid boredom, loss of concentration, etc.

How should they revise?

Schools recommend that simply reading through files, notebooks, textbooks is of little benefit and that working by making simple notes and summarising areas of the syllabus is far more efficient. They would also strongly recommend looking back over past notes, past tests and past exam papers.

Lucullus tutors have good experience in preparing student for the exams. They can help with revision, teach students how to plan their time correctly and give advice on exam techniques.


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