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Biometric Residence Permits in the UK (BRPs) - Update June 2015


Biometric Residence permit (BRP) is a UK residence permit which holds your biographic details (name, date and place of birth) and biometric information (facial image and fingerprints), and shows your immigration status.

When your son/daughter’s visa application is successful they will be issued with a vignette (sticker) in their passport to enter the UK and a decision letter. The vignette is valid for 30 days from the date at which they have stated they will enter the UK. Students must then collect their BRP card once they have entered the UK within 10 days. This is a new system. The BRP will be their visa and it must be collected before the vignette’s expiry.

In order to make the process of collection as easy as possible for pupils, most of the schools will collect BRPs on students’ behalf from their designated Post Office during the first week of term.

The only time when the above process will not be the case is if the student will be in the UK at an earlier date than the start of term. In which case it will be parents’ responsibility to ensure their son/daughter collects the BRP from the Post Office or that a guardian takes the student to the Post Office to do so.

More information about BRPs can be found here:
BIOMETRIC RESIDENCE PERMITS. General information for overseas applicants, employers and sponsors


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