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The Increasing Number of Girls Sent to Boarding High Schools in Britain


“Boarding schools are seeing a surge in numbers as more parents choose to send their daughters away to study at an earlier age.”

Good news for those who are hesitatingly bringing their daughters and kids to a boarding school for girls because this news will definitely convince you.

The number of pupils attending prep boarding schools, which usually cater for seven to 13-year-olds, has risen to 13,945 from 13,426 in 2008. Such data was taken from the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). The increase has been specific that it is the girls who increased its number to enroll in boarding high schools.

Right now, there are approximately 5,762 girls enrolled in prep boarding schools, compared with 4,674 in 2008! This has gone to a 23% increase!

Mr. David Hanson, the IAPS chief executive mentioned that the numbers are rising primarily because the children enjoy it – this is driven by the children attending the boarding school, rather than only the parents.

For the boarding school, this is indeed good news since it is their honor and privilege to teach and equip young girls—and even boys as well to grow into responsible adults in the future. Yet, there is a statement released by Mr. Hanson concerning the parents’ decision to send their girls to boarding schools:

“However, busy professionals are realizing the benefits of sending their children to these schools, which offer excellent facilities, healthcare, education and social environments, that can give them complete peace of mind, rather than paying for a nanny of uncertain quality.”


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