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Gaining a place at Oxbridge is the dream of students all round the world. But this dream often remains only a dream because of bad preparation and a lack of information. Choosing the right course and college is not a one-minute or one-day decision and sometimes even one month is not enough time to make the right choice. Students have to conduct detailed research, thorough preparation and be very patient. When deciding what college is better for you should pay attention to many important factors. It is not just the questions of location and living you need to consider but you also crucial questions about course suitability and availability, your age and gender and the number of students on the course.

Lucullus consultants have been working in the British educational system for a long time and are familiar with the application process to Oxbridge and other British universities. We have knowledge and experience and are ready to share it with you. Our tutors successfully prepare students for all aspects of the entrance exams, including the interview which is often the most difficult part. Together with their students they solve problems and work on tests which students face during the university entry process. We are with our students from their first thought of studying at the UK until they become students of prestigious British universities. And now we tell you: it is time to prepare for Oxbridge!


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Ever since I have been working with families who have decided to send their children to study in England I have made the journey with each and every one of them from the choice of a school to the choice of university and then their career. Many of my students have their own families now. One of my greatest joys has been to see how the British school system changes these children, how they start to believe in themselves and become more responsible and mature.