Customer review: Natalya, preparing a child for a British school

Many parents quite rightly pay careful attention to the quality of the education their children receive. Many are ready to invest in quality teaching so their children can feel confident in the modern world. Unfortunately graduates from even the best Russian universities have a limited opportunity to use the knowledge they've learnt inside their own country. So that’s why many families send their children to study abroad. Many of them study in the UK which is famous for its traditional education and excellent science and sport facilities which allows for the comprehensive development of the child at school.

As a Russian, it can be quite difficult to understand the UK school ranking system, arrange the application process and prepare a student for school entry, even if your child has been studying at International school from the very beginning. Having faced these problems we started our search for a genuine specialist who might help us to achieve our goal of educating our daughters in the British school system.

We chose Lucullus Educational Consultants.

Our daughter is taught by a young specialist who despite his young age has a special talent in teaching his subject to his students. I would like to highlight the methodology he uses and how thoughtfully he prepares the information and material for the lessons. One can not but note his politeness, punctuality and systematic preparation for each class. He understands the aim of his work and the result is very important to him. Despite only the short period of time since he started teaching our daughter, we have noticed a great surge in her interest in the language and a desire to be better and learn more. We have also seen a qualitative improvement of her spoken and written language.

Our child looks forward to each lesson and we don’t have to remind her of the tasks she has to complete. Despite the fun and relaxed atmosphere during the lessons, our child is fully involved in the learning process and the end results are impressive.

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PS The first aim has been reached successfully. The family continues working with Lucullus Educational Consultants.

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Hello Olga, Egor is fine, thanks to you. He is happy with everything and has made many British friends. He is on holiday in Moscow at the moment and he speaks with an English accent. He even speaks English in his dreams. Your ability to bridge two different cultures was invaluable. It would have been impossible to organize everything without your help and support. Thank you very much again for our school! It is just superb!
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