Case: Georgy, 15 years old, Proof that hard work and persistence are essential (entering Harrow school in the UK)

We met the T family at the end of July 2013 when they came to us on their friends’ recommendation. They were not well-informed about the UK education system but definitely knew that, after having graduated from a top British boarding school, a child would have an opportunity to study at Oxford or Cambridge. Georgy was 15 years old and had only three years before entering university. The family position was to apply only to the top UK schools like Westminster, St Pauls, Eton and Harrow and they didn’t want to hear any other options for their son. They didn’t realize that for most of these schools the application process takes more than a year and that you have to register your son a long time in advance. Indeed, sometimes parents start to prepare their children for entry at the age of 6 or 7. Moreover he applied for the Sixth form where schools have a very small number of places (about 3 or 4 each year) so the competition promised to be very strong indeed.

Georgy had to learn and prepare a lot though he had little time before the entrance exams. Two months is not enough time to prepare for such strong schools as Harrow, Brighton and Oundle which were on our list of targets. We arranged lessons with our experienced tutors who knew the peculiarities of the British educational system and the schools’ requirements. At the moment of Georgy’s registration to the schools we realized that he was late with the Harrow application. We knew it was his first choice and we had to do all we could to register him there. The only chance we had was to register Georgy for a supplementary application period. The process was hard, long and demanding. First Georgy was expected to sit two tests in January and if he was successful he would be invited to the final assessments in March. It is necessary to underline that competition was very high and intense. Georgy was a student of the 9th form of a Moscow school and his task was not only to enter the British school but successfully pass his final school exams. Georgy and our team worked hard to make his dream come true. This year Harrow school had a much more competitive field than before, roughly 10 boys pursued each place available. The situation was comparable to the applications at Oxford and Cambridge. Georgy continued his preparation with Lucullus’ tutors and was very nervous as this was a life-changing period for him. We focused not only on exam preparations but on interview skills and on essay writing as this part of the exam was vitally important. Georgy was interviewed by the Headmaster, Director of Studies and Senior Master. He gave a presentation to the Registrar and had to field questions. In addition to that he was evaluated by the test results, school reports and references, his essay and even his CV. Finally the decision was made and Georgy was offered a place in the Lower Sixth at the famous Harrow School from September 2014. He has become a part of the school’s history and we are very proud of him. It was a tough journey but, as they say, per aspera ad astra. Well done Georgy and we wish you the best of luck!

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My 13 years old son has been offered a place at an excellent school this year, one of the best schools in England. I would like to thank Olga Musharaeva. She offered us a number of schools and he got a place at the best one from the list. At first we had to decide if it would be better for him to study in England. This was the most difficult part of the process, but Olga superbly guided us through this very important decision. Thank you Olga!
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