Case: Sasha, 14, entering british school - Taunton (IGCSE), studying in british college Wycliffe (A-Level)

Sasha studied at the Moscow Experimental School, where the students are not graded in order to prevent damage to their psyches. At 14 years old, Sasha’s psyche was very solid, but only after traumatising factors! Due to this it was necessary to do something urgently - because real life is full of real challenges.

When Sasha went to Taunton International School on the IGCSE programme, the shock from so much pressure was so great that he sometimes sang in class. Even though it was a special programme for foreign children, which provided comprehensive care and support for children who have come to study abroad. After two years of studying Sasha had adapted to life at school and was even getting good grades. He especially excelled in painting, which was very surprising for his parents. Nevertheless, they were still very happy, having had little faith in Sasha’s success in studying at and English school. Too much had been lost in Moscow.

For A-levels, Sasha went to Wycliffe College - a school where art is taught by practising artists. After two years Sasha had produced such an impressive portfolio - album covers for CDs recorded by his classmates- that he was awarded a special prize and a scholarship. Sasha then went to America to study at the Pennsylvanian University of Arts, where he received a scholarship of $15,000!

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