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Our British colleagues at Lucullus Educational Consultants in Moscow, who have graduated from such schools as Eton College and Bedford School and have studied at the likes of Cambridge, Durham and Edinburgh universities, would be delighted to meet with families and students who are interested in education in Britain.

They will be glad to speak about their experiences of studying in British private schools and to share their opinions on the courses studied, such as A-levels and the IB.

If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions regarding British education please contact us on: +7 495 504 3491 or +7 909 902 1461.


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Our consultants

Hello Olga, Egor is fine, thanks to you. He is happy with everything and has made many British friends. He is on holiday in Moscow at the moment and he speaks with an English accent. He even speaks English in his dreams. Your ability to bridge two different cultures was invaluable. It would have been impossible to organize everything without your help and support. Thank you very much again for our school! It is just superb!
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