Case: Julia, 12 - selecting a school in England, entering british private school (Gresham Prep)

12-year-old Julia and her family lived in Greece for a long time, where she was sent to an international school. Julia spent 6 years in the idyllic Mediterranean where she had few worries or cares. When she came to us for the first interview, we were at a loss- although aged 12, Julia’s academic level barely corresponded to that of an 8 year-old.

Whilst working with her, we saw that she had a strong character. We had a problem in that English schools began in September and it was already the 18th August. In the case of Julia, it was obvious that she had great potential and we wanted to find her a good school.

In the end, we found two schools which where interested in Julia’s portfolio and wanted to give her a chance. The family chose Gresham Prep School. Already by Christmas time we had received a letter from the director of the school, in which he thanked us for such a fabulous recommendation, and that he wished us to pass on the message to the parents that they should be very proud of their daughter who, only after 4 months of studying at Gresham School had made tremendous progress and continues to work with full dedication.

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