Case: Igor, 12 - dyslexia, studying in England, choosing British school after dismissal, second chance

Igor is 12 Years old and Dyslexic. Unfortunately there is little known about dyslexia in Russia, even though the number of dyslexic children is growing in every city. Schools do not to work with dyslexic children separately, which is why Igor’s mother decided to send Igor to study in Britain.

The learning difficulties experienced by dyslexic children can often lead to despair and frustration. It was difficult for Igor to adapt to a new school and a new country, but generally he really liked Britain. He was not only given extra time during exams, but the school had also arranged for him to have extra lessons with specialist teachers every week. However, after studying for little more than a year, he got himself in to a conflict and was expelled from the school for fighting. Igor’s Mother came to us for help. England is a country where people can be placed in very close-contact environments with each other, and your reputation in these environments is very important.

We had to spend a lot of time talking to Igor, to the teachers from the school where he was studying, in order to gather enough positive information so that his candidacy would appeal to another school. Igor was someone to be proud of. After little more than a year, he had acted brilliantly as the main role in the school play, he had become the second striker in the rugby team and he had not only learnt English, but other foreign languages as well. In the end we found four suitable schools in Britain. Moreover, they were not the first available schools, but four fairly respected schools, including Loretto School, Gordonstoun, Rossall School and St. Bede’s. Igor found a school which gave him another chance with full responsibility. Our specialists tested Igor and gave some valuable recommendations on how to work with him. He had a three-month trial period and continued to study successfully in England. Most children deserve a second chance!

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Ever since I have been working with families who have decided to send their children to study in England I have made the journey with each and every one of them from the choice of a school to the choice of university and then their career. Many of my students have their own families now. One of my greatest joys has been to see how the British school system changes these children, how they start to believe in themselves and become more responsible and mature.