Case: Anna, 13, selecting and entering a British school

Anna’s family asked us to get Anna into Bromsgrove School where many of her friends were studying and where there was a reputation for strong academic results. Anna was 13 at that time and they were so confident in their choice that I decided not to interfere by suggesting other schools although our normal policy is to recommend a number of possibilities. Anna applied with our help and sat the entrance tests.

One week before visiting the school I had a call from Anna’s mother and she was worried they’d made a mistake. We suggested visiting two more schools while they were in England to see what was available and the family was surprised when they visited Bromsgrove. They did not think Anna would be comfortable there and as a result Anna ended up at Clifton College and had a successful time there. Later her brother and sister followed in her path to Clifton.

When choosing a school the accounts of your friends are not the only thing you should consider. No two children are the same and what might be right for one may not suit another.

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