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Registration with British private boarding schools for entry in September 2014


If you plan for your child to study in one of the leading boarding British schools from September 2014, we would like to draw your attention to the deadline for applications to enter the 6th Form. You still have time to submit the application.

Registration is a long process and each school has their own deadlines for it. Below are some key deadline worth highlighting:

Sevenoaks1st September 2013.
Harrow School15th September 2013.
Wellington college16th October 2013.
Сaterham School15th September 2013.
Rugby School27th September 2013.
Marlborough1st October 2013.

The entrance examinations take place in October and November 2013 and the results will be issued by the end of the year.

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British independent schools are renowned for their well-defined structure and organization, the mutual respect, regardless of age and rank, and the development of children who take pride in their school. They provide an amazing array of extra-curricular activities which form the basis of a child’s character. I cannot say that studies in British school solve all problems. I am, however, convinced that at present British schools offer a healthier atmosphere that will allow a child to fulfil their potential, nurture self-confidence, encourage respect for their work and for the people around them. Life in a British school teaches the students to be independent, set goals and achieve them.
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