Case: Alexey, 12, education in England, entering British private school, Bedford School

I taught Aleksey English when he was 12 before he went to Bedford School. Aleksey was an intelligent boy and was especially good with his homework, that is to say that he was especially good at finding ways not to do it.

However, after having studied at Bedford School for some months his mother came to me and asked me how the school managed to effect such a change in work ethic in their students. She had been surprised to hear from Alexey that he had too little time to speak to her because of all the homework he was doing. She knew from previous experience that her son could find a hundred reasons to avoid talking to her but she never thought the reason would be his homework. When a child is among motivated students they have no option but to adopt that way of life, or face the reality of not being “one of the gang”.

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We have been working with Lucullus Educational Consultants for more than one year. They helped us choose which schools to apply for. They then took care of all the necessary steps, which included contacting the schools and arranging tests, interviews, visas, payment, etc. To be honest, we would never have succeeded without them. Our aim was not just to get into any school, but to get an offer from one of the highly-ranked schools. As experienced advisors, they were very competent and easily coped with the huge amount of information which was required for our daughter to apply successfully to one of Britain’s most prestigious schools. Lucullus Educational Consultants always made us feel confident as they always had the process under control. After we decided on the schools that suited our daughter, they organized a visit for us to visit them. When we got the offer from the school that we wanted, we were all thrilled.
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