Case: Alexey, 13, entering boarding school in England

Alexey’s family got in touch with us in 1990s when Alexey was 13 years old. At the time, not many Russian students were studying in English boarding schools and competition to get into a British school was less fierce. Russia then opened its boarders to the West and many people were curious to know more about our country. Alexey was a very funny boy with good manners and any school would have been glad to have had him among their students. Alexey and his parents visited several schools, including Millfield and Stowe. Millfield is the most popular school among Russian politicians and businessmen whilst Stowe tends to be a favourite among traditional English families. However, Alexey ended up choosing a less well-known school called Dover College.

We found this a little odd, he could have chosen any school he wanted so why this one in particular? His Parents explained it was because he felt very comfortable there. Moving to a new school is always stressful for a child, especially when it comes to adapting to life in a boarding school in a new country. Alexey’s parents decided against making him choose another school to keep things simple and stress-free.

Some years later I saw an article in the The Independent and on the front page there was a photo of Alexey with the headline: “London School of Economics student, Alexey, wins the match …” So, I found out not only that my pupil got into one of the world’s best universities, but also that he saw such success in sport that he got onto the front page of the top national newspapers! Most parents who ask for our help in finding a school pay most attention to the school rankings but Alexey’s story is a good example of how even less renowned British private schools can help a child maximize their potential, enter the University of their choice and see success outside the world of academia.

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