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Gresham’s school replaces Common Entrance


Next summer Gresham’s Prep pupils will not, as a matter of course, be sitting Common Entrance papers.

This has been a carefully thought through move to enhance the education and the learning of all the pupils. Gresham’s school has consulted with all those schools to which their pupils traditionally move at the end of Year 8. Of course this does not mean the pupils will not be sitting summer exams. The school is replacing the Common Entrance exams with papers that are more reflective of the more expansive and thinking-skills based curriculum they promote.

Unlike Common Entrance all papers will be tiered and so offer the correct level of challenge to all pupils. All pupils in Year 8 will take these papers at the end of the Summer Term and this represents a significant move away from scholars pursuing one course whilst the Common Entrance candidates follow another.

Thus scholarship preparation becomes more a part of the whole year’s work as opposed to a focused half year. The overall purpose is to better prepare pupils as independent learners for entry to their senior school of choice.


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