Case: Sergey, personal tutoring before GCSE exams

Sergei has been studying in England since he was 11. He began in the prep school Wellesley House and then went to Epsom College. In the first year of his GCSEs, Sergei and his mother came to us for advice, because his marks were falling and his relationship with his parents had reached boiling point. It became apparent that the teenager was trapped in a situation where his parents’ expectations for him were too high, and he did not know how to escape this pressure.

We gave Sergei a few constructive talks. In the end we assigned him to a mentor — the kind of mentor that met him twice a week in order to help him build a plan to improve his results. Sergei himself asked for extra tutoring for the subjects that he found difficult, like Geography, Physics and Chemistry. Every holiday in Moscow he worked hard every day!

After only one term, his results improved. After two terms his teachers became much more positive about his progress. Sergei became more understanding of the feelings of his parents, and they also stopped putting so much pressure on the teenager, who was already very worried about his exams and afraid of not doing justice to his parents expectations. At these critical exam periods, it is very important that teenagers receive moral support and professional help. Doesn’t it often happen that we don’t understand our own problems and find it hard to resolve them when we don’t know their cause?

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British independent schools are renowned for their well-defined structure and organization, the mutual respect, regardless of age and rank, and the development of children who take pride in their school. They provide an amazing array of extra-curricular activities which form the basis of a child’s character. I cannot say that studies in British school solve all problems. I am, however, convinced that at present British schools offer a healthier atmosphere that will allow a child to fulfil their potential, nurture self-confidence, encourage respect for their work and for the people around them. Life in a British school teaches the students to be independent, set goals and achieve them.
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