Case: A family with three children aged 3, 5 and 7 decided to move to England for the sake of their children’s education

A family with three children aged 3, 5 and 7 decided to move to England for the sake of their children’s education.

English children begin education at private school from 3 years old, and it’s usually at this age that they are invited for an entrance test which is called a ‘trial day’. This is when the child spends the day at the school and is observed by the school on how he or she behaves, how he/she interacts with other children and the teachers and how well he/she follows the instructions of the teachers. This is especially widespread in London schools.

The situation with this family was complicated by the fact that they lived between three countries, which made it practically impossible to organise the children’s education.

To help, we have provided an English teacher, who in the next two years will follow the family from country to country, teaching the children, in English, the subjects on the school curriculum, and sport.

We invited a teacher who had previously worked in a day school and knew exactly which requirements the school would impose on the children at each level of enrolment. The teacher also knew of the various difficulties experienced by children in the early years of private school.

Moreover, the teacher had already worked with similar families and understood how to teach discipline to the children, how to build a lesson plan with children of different ages and how to interest the children in their studies.

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