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Competition for places at leading British schools is becoming tougher each year.


Leading British schools are reporting that with each passing year it is becoming tougher to choose between students because of the increasing number of those wishing to continue their studies at a private school. Thus, Brighton College announced that in the autumn of 2012 there were more than 7 candidates per place for entry at 13, in comparison with previous years when the figure was around 3 per place. Oundle School and Wellington College chose a closing date for applications that fell a few months earlier than last year. Schools also noted that the level of preparation of candidates increases every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to select students based only on the results of entrance exams, leading many to develop their own systems for interviewing candidates.

Entrance exams for schools such as Wellington college, Westminster School, Rugby School, Eton College, Sevenoaks School, Marlborough College, and many others take place 2 years before admission, and, consequently, at the age of 11 years old candidates have to display the best of their abilities, which does not merely mean an excellent academic education, but also a high level of general development and progress in other areas such as sports or art. We recommend that you start training in a preparatory school at 9 or 10 years old. This allows the parents and the school principal to be able to evaluate the potential of the child and to select the most appropriate school for him or her. In addition, the child will begin studying in the British system and, therefore, will be best prepared for future entrance examinations.


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Ever since I have been working with families who have decided to send their children to study in England I have made the journey with each and every one of them from the choice of a school to the choice of university and then their career. Many of my students have their own families now. One of my greatest joys has been to see how the British school system changes these children, how they start to believe in themselves and become more responsible and mature.