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Meeting in Moscow of Lucullus UK Academic Director with children planning to study in the UK


Robin Preston, the Director of Studies in our British office, is arriving in Moscow on the 27th of October and departing on the 2nd November. Many of our students and their parents are already acquainted with Robin as he had been preparing them for entry into British schools in the previous academic year. Robin also regularly meets up with the children who are already studying in Britain in order to discuss their progress and to help them cope with the emerging challenges associated with their education. Robin is always happy to meet students and their families in the office, or to go for a walk in one of London's parks, so as to discuss the child's academic performance, their general mood and their overall experience in school.

Today, families have the chance to meet Robin in Moscow. For those children who are at the stage of planning to study in the UK, these meetings are an opportunity for Robin to assess their level of preparation for entry into a school, and to make recommendations on the development of further training. For those children who have interviews in the near future, Robin will work on their interview skills, giving advice on answering questions such as: how should they answer a question when they do not know the answer? Or, how to win over the examiner? And finally, what are the child's strengths and how best to present them to the school? Children who already attend British schools will be able to share their experiences with Robin, to ask questions, and to get advice on how to cope with difficulties. Robin will create a detailed report for each family, based on the results of the meetings, which will provide valuable recommendations for the future.

Robin actively works with our tutors in Moscow and London, who are native speakers, and who are preparing the children for entry into British schools. Together they plan the structure of the lessons, monitor the students' progress, and work to consolidate the results.


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