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List of financial institutions for Tier 4 is published

15.12.2011 ​In June 2011, UK Border Agency announced that they would be publishing a list of financial institutions which they consider, on the basis of experience, do not verify financial statements to their satisfaction.

UKBA will use the list when verifying maintenance funds under Tier 4 of the points-based system. An applicant will receive no points for maintenance if they submit documents showing that the funds are held in a financial institution on the list.

The list forms part of the reforms to the student immigration route. The change is to ensure that UKBA can verify that student visa applicants hold the required maintenance funds to support themselves and pay for their course in the UK.

The list will be kept under review, and UK Border Agency will make additions or deletions as appropriate.

An unsatisfactory verification check means that the institution does not respond to or provide a reliable response to our request for information, or the Embassy are unable to contact the institution. When a bank frequently provides unsatisfactory responses to verification requests, it is proportionate to include it on a list from which we will not accept documents, rather than verifying applications individually.

UKBA will continue to verify financial information from financial institutions not on the list, on a case-by-case basis. Applications may be refused on the basis of these individual checks.

To assist applicants, UKBA have also provided lists of financial institutions in each country from which they will accept financial statements.

In October 2011 initial lists of financial institutions that fall under these categories have been published.

As the British Embassy in Moscow confirmed to Lucullus Educational Consultants on December 3, 2011, there were no such lists for Russia region.


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